Version History

DayTime v2

DayTime 2.03

(Current Version)

  • Added the moon (orbit display, lunar events, phase, animation)

  • Alarms can now play songs

  • Supports mirroring notifications on AppleWatch

DayTime v1

DayTime 1.3.184

  • Display location coordinates by tapping location.

  • Location: Auto uses precise location for calculations and chooses nearest location for display and time zone.

  • Choose 12- or 24-hour time display by tapping time.

DayTime 1.3.170

  • Fixed bug that made Shabbat alarms ring on the wrong day.

  • Fixed bug that kept the Refresh Alarms message from being cleared.

  • Added audio notification of whether DayTime is open or closed to address reports of alarms not sounding.

  • Fixed bug that kept Current Location from updating unless it was reselected. Note: Current Location has since been removed, as DayTime now uses your exact location for its calculations.

DayTime 1.3.161

  • Added Sun Events, Salah Times, and Shabbat Times

  • Added exact event time display on clock face

  • Added alarms before/after any event or at a fixed time

  • Added manual time zone option

  • Added Qibla pointer

  • Expanded list of locations

  • Added support for iPhone 5 and iPad, plus landscape display

SkySundial v1

SkySundial 1.244

  • Added automatic location selection

  • Added sunrise and sunset alarms

  • Added ability to select time and date other than the present

  • Added animated simulation

SkySundial 1.127

  • Added manual location selection