Privacy Policy

We are ourselves extremely sensitive to the issue of privacy, and therefore deeply respect yours. At the same time, knowing information about how you use our products helps us build better products for you. With your permission, we have balanced these needs in favor of your privacy as much as possible.

Our data sharing policy is straightforward: we will never share your information with anyone unless required by court order.

Privacy Policy in Summary

You would choose whether to send us your usage information from any of our apps (none do any such data gathering today). Our website gathers only the most basic information so that we know that people are viewing it. Future needs will follow as strict a regimen as possible to protect your privacy.

Information We Collect About You

  • When using one of our applications

    We currently do not collect any information when you use one of our applications.

  • When using this web site

    When you visit our website, we collect information using Google Analytics. It does not identify you personally, but it allows us to see how many people have visited the web site, whih pages were viewed on a given day, which locations (country and, in some cases, city) they were viewed from, and information about the browser used (browser type, language, whether java is enabled, etc.). Google uses cookies to keep a count of new or returning visitors to the website. This information will help us decide when and if another language should be provided, where there is interest in our products, whether marketing efforts in a particular country are working, etc. The java information, for example, was very important in helping us discover that many people had java disabled and thus could not even view the latest version of the site! In sum, Analytics are very useful to us, and, we hope, do not make you uncomfortable by giving up a small amount of information about you. At most, if you were the only person viewing the website on a given day, we could see that someone from country or city X visited the site using Safari and looked at y and z pages.

  • Future

    Applications may collect information in the future, but you would always be asked for your permission before the application sent any infomration to us, and that information would not identify you personally. It might include information such as what screens in the application you viewed, which buttons you pressed, how often you started the application, and other information that could help us improve the application (e.g. fixing usability problems or determining which features people tend to use). In order to do this, we would create an identifier so that information from your device sent at separate times could be matched together. Again, if you did not want this information sent to us, you could simply decline to give permission. There would always be an option to turn this kind of data sharing off.

  • Specifics may change over time, but our intent will always stay the same: to protect your privacy and data, which is solely your own.

Unsolicited Feedback Policy

Neither Five Leaf Group nor any of its employees will accept or consider unsolicited ideas, including ideas for new advertising campaigns, new promotions, new or improved products or technologies, product enhancements, processes, materials, marketing plans, or new product names. Please do not submit any unsolicited ideas, original artwork, suggestions, or other works ("submissions") in any form to Five Leaf Group or any of its employees.

The sole purpose of this policy is to avoid potential misunderstandings or disputes when Five Leaf Group's products or marketing strategies might seem similar to ideas submitted to Five Leaf Group.

If, despite our request that you not send us your ideas, you still submit them, then regardless of the contents of your submission, the following terms shall apply.

Terms of Idea Submission

You agree that: (1) your submissions and their contents will automatically become the property of Five Leaf Group, without any compensation to you; (2) Five Leaf Group may use or redistribute your submissions and their contents for any purpose and in any way; (3) there is no obligation for Five Leaf Group to review the submission; and (4) there is no obligation for Five Leaf Group to keep your submission confidential.

Five Leaf Group does, however, welcome your feedback regarding many areas of Five Leaf Group's existing business. If you want to send us your feedback, and we hope you do, we simply request that you send it to us using the email link on the Contact Us page, and that you provide only specific feedback on Five Leaf Group's existing products or marketing strategies. Do not include any ideas that Five Leaf Group's policy will not permit us to accept and consider. Thank you for taking the time to help us make our products better for you.