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At a Glance: Time, Day Length, Sunrise and Sunset

Imagine you are facing south, with the position of the sun marking the current time. Day and night are shown by the light and dark regions above and below. (24-hour day or night appear all light or all dark—try it by choosing Vadsø NO, or the US Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station!) Sunrise and sunset positions are marked where night meets day, and the amount of daylight remaining is the arc from the sun's position to the sunset line (arrow).

For example, at 2:00PM on January 1st in Copenhagen, there were less than 2 hours left of daylight—but without computation one can intuitively see very quickly that the short winter day is almost over.

  • These features are free of charge.

DayTime Alarm for Maghrib


  • Alarms for Salah, Shabbat, and Sun Event times like sunrise and sunset, are available by in-App purchase.

Set an alarm to begin fasting before Fajr.

Set an alarm before the beginning of Shabbat to remember when to light candles!

Set an alarm to never miss a sunset. Photographers can catch the "golden hour" with alarms for sunrise and an hour before sunset. Astronomers can be alerted when the skies will be truly dark and when twilight will again dim their field. Travelers, hikers, sailors, pilots, skiers, surfers, builders, divers... anyone outdoors—on land, on the water, or in the air—can ensure they are not caught by nightfall and can know when they can start at dawn, such as for fishing, rowing, or golf.

DayTime Displaying Salah Times for Istanbul

Feature Highlight: Salah Times

DayTime computes Salah times for the most well-known conventions, or using custom angles for Fajr, Isha and Maghrib.
In addition, the calculated values can be adjusted based on your real-world observations to provide the most precise times.
DayTime can calculate Salah times for any location on earth, including at high latitudes using angle-based, one seventh of night, or middle of night methods.

  • Qibla Compass is a free feature in DayTime.
  • Setting alarms for Salah times and displaying them is available by in-App purchase.

In-App Purchases for DayTime

Options for In-App Purchase

  • All features (including future features) can be purchased together for a reduced price!
  • Set alarms for Salah times (Imsak, Fajr, Dhuhr, Asr, Maghrib, Isha, and Islamic Midnight) and display the exact times on the clock face.
  • Set alarms for and display sunrise and sunset; astronomical, nautical, and civil twilight; and solar noon and midnight.
  • Set alarms for the beginning and end of Shabbat, and display the times on the clock.
  • Included with each of the above, display the exact times for any date in the future or past.
  • Set alarms for the same (fixed) time every day.

DayTime Animation

Day Length Animation

Simulate the change in day length through different seasons for any of DayTime's over 1500 locations. In this example, for Greenwich England over the course of a year from one summer solstice to the next, notice the change in solar noon (the hour ring) as the earth moves through it's orbit. The hour numerals also change twice for daylight saving time.

  • Animation is a free feature in DayTime.
  • Display of digital sunrise and sunset times is available by in-App purchase.

Another animation, of Salah times for Mecca, may be viewed here.

DayTime Settings


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