About Us

Five Leaf Group, LLC is an independent app development company based in Seattle, Washington. Our apps are focused on helping people be aware of their precious time.

Keith Logan - Founder


Keith learned to program on the Apple II around the same time he found all these clovers.

While attending the University of Waterloo, Keith wrote communications software in asm and C. After earning his Bachelor's degree in Math, he spent ten years working for Microsoft as a program manager, where he helped invent the Registry API, worked on the Windows NT 3.x security authentication and Sites network models, and led the first Small Business Server team. Following that success, Keith left Microsoft in 1998 to spend more time with his daughter, Anya.

An optimizer at heart, Keith is constantly driven to improve things, especially when it comes to helping people manage their time. He enjoys astronomy, gardening, and feeding the crows that frequent his backyard.

Anya Logan - Web Programmer

Anya learned to program in high school by modding video games. An alumna of Reed College, she enjoys translating Latin and can usually be found writing her novel and doting upon her cat.